May 10, 2021Webcast 1

Creating A Sense of Belonging in A Hybrid/Dispersed Environment

At the start of 2020, the global workforce took a significant shift towards operating primarily remotely. Now, as employees are starting to come back to the office and events begin to allow in-person attendance again, it’s important to make sure that communications strategies are best suited to those physically present and those who are still …

Build Effective, Engaging Training Programs with Sherpa Sherpa enables professionals to develop e-learning and training programs powered by the most effective medium: video. With the Sherpa platform, organizations responsible for educating individuals leverage interactive overlays to incentivize participation and engagement, and built-in analytics d ... Sherpa for Training

February 24, 2021Webcast 5

Top 10 Tips for A Memorable Virtual Event

Sherpa Seminar Watch this Sherpa Seminar to hear our top 10 tips for hosting a memorable, impactful, and successful virtual event. We have tips for smaller-scale webcasts all the way up to large-scale virtual events, so don’t miss this month’s Sherpa Seminar. Whether you host internal company meetings, outward-facing webinars, or large-sc …

Sherpa has helped Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies produce some truly memorable events in recent years. Check out our best practices, guidance, and tips for hosting a high-quality, highly-attended virtual event in this free, interactive eBook. As businesses adopt more digital and video-based event strategies, many are having to forge new paths f ... 2021 Event Production Guide

February 20, 2021Solution Brief 83

Sherpa Summit

Virtual events and streaming video at its peak . Host high-impact virtual events, get top-of-the-line security for proprietary content, and share high-quality videos to audiences of any size. Sherpa Summit is a custom-scoped solution for organizations that have specific needs with respect to video content and virtual events. Whether you are hosting a …

February 19, 2021Solution Brief 83

Sherpa Ridgeline

Complete Solution For Virtual Events & Video Programs Scale your footprint with video streaming, host high-quality virtual and hybrid events, and develop immersive video-powered experiences. Sherpa Ridgeline is a complete solution for organizations looking to grow their usage of live-streaming and on-demand video content, as well as hosting imme …

February 18, 2021Solution Brief 75

Sherpa Base Camp

All-In-One Virtual Events Bundled Solution Get started streaming live video content, hosting virtual events, and building custom-branded video microsites. Sherpa Base Camp is a bundled product offering for organizations looking to get started with live-streaming video content and hosting virtual events. Able to be set up in under an hour, Base Camp i …

February 17, 2021Solution Brief 84

Sherpa Trailhead

Get Started With Live & On-Demand Video Build your video content library, develop custom-branded viewing experiences, and try out hosting a live event. Sherpa Trailhead is a bundled solution for organizations looking to host and manage video content, as well as experiment with live virtual events. Run quarterly town hall meetings, a user conferen …

February 16, 2021Solution Brief 66

Sherpa Campfire

Start managing and hosting on-demand videos. Build a secure video content library, develop branded viewing experiences, and measure your videos’ effectiveness in real time. Sherpa Campfire is a bundled solution for organizations looking to build out a library of on-demand video content, and host that content, securely, in a custom-branded envir …

January 31, 2021Webcast 248

Webinars and Webcasts in The Era of COVID

The landscape of streaming video content has significantly shifted in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how the market has changed and how your business can take advantage of these shifts. Watch the webinar below – learn how streaming video has changed in the wake of the global health crisis, and how you can prepare your busines …

December 19, 2020Feature Sheet 125

Sherpa Business Application Integrations

Get more value out of your video content by connecting it with your other business systems. Understand your audience better and create more relevant messages with Sherpa’s API-based architecture. Sherpa’s API-based platform architecture allows it to interoperate with any systems or protocols currently in place. The possibilities for how t …

Host A Memorable Virtual Event Easily How Sherpa Helps You Host An Engaging Virtual Event For Any Audience Size Virtual events are a powerful tool to engage your audience and share your vision to potentially millions of viewers.  With Sherpa, you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your audience is viewing the content from, at home or in ... Virtual Events with Sherpa