Solutions Video Hosting Solutions Video Hosting

Whether or not livestreaming is part of your strategy, if you're working with video you need somewhere to host it. Let Sherpa show you a better way to manage VOD content, with full custom branding, heightened security, and detailed analytics.

Solutions Virtual Events Solutions Virtual Events

When it comes to virtual and hybrid events, having a high-quality, immersive experience for your viewers is critical. See why Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies have used Sherpa for their high profile events.

Solutions Production Support Solutions Production Support

Sherpa is more than a platform, we're your partner in creating impactful webinars, webcasts, virtual events, and video content. Whatever resources you need to plan, optimize, produce, and execute your video strategy, Sherpa is here to help.

Solutions Town Halls & Webcasts Solutions Town Halls & Webcasts

For your next town hall, all hands, or investor meeting, choose Sherpa's reliable, secure video streaming and hosting platform. See why leading investment firms, financial institutions, and media companies trust Sherpa for sensitive content.

Shoppable Video

Amazing Benefits of Shoppable Video

Shoppable videos are a new and innovative form of video that simultaneously entertains and educates. They feature products in the foreground, with embedded links to purchase those items quickly without leaving the social platform you’re enjoying. More benefits include:

  • Increase brand awareness while promoting products in video
  • Reach an unreachable audience through a variety of platforms
  • Get an interactive experience with customers right in your videos
Multi-Presenter Mode

Easily Create Engaging Events with Multiple Presenters

Sherpa’s multi-presenter mode is built right into Sherpa’s platform so that you can focus on producing a great live virtual event.  Audiences love a variety of expert speakers.  Intuitive, engaging, and scalable virtual events are at your fingertips with Sherpa.

  • Presenters can join from their browser – no software installation needed
  • 15 presenters can participate in your live event seamlessly
  • Remote speakers can chat in a virtual green room
Virtual Events

Customized & Flexible

Create fully branded experiences your viewers will remember, with:

  • Built-in player, lobby, and event branding controls
  • Customizable and reusable branding templates
  • Per viewer personalization features

Scalable & Reliable

Trusted by Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies for their important events, Sherpa can easily support audiences in the millions without quality loss. Whether your event needs to go out to a large group of people, or to a select few behind a firewall, you can rest easy knowing Sherpa will get your content to their screens.

Intelligent Content Management

Easily Manage Live and On-Demand Content in One Place

Centralized content management, custom metadata tagging, and intelligent sorting/filtering. Make it so you spend less time looking for content and more time sharing it. Benefit from:

  • Dynamic Smart Playlists & Microsites
  • AI-Powered Video Segment & Search
  • In-Platform Video Trimming & Editing
Communications & Training

Engaging Communications

Stop getting lost in the menus and widgets of old-world video communications tools. We designed our platform to be easy to understand and use, flexible to fit your needs, and reduce the barriers to becoming an expert video communicator. Leverage audience engagement features like:

  • Live Q&A, Polling, and Chat
  • Audience Engagement Checkpoints
  • Slides and Resource Links

A Modern Platform

Sherpa allows communications professionals of any experience level to become video experts, with no device or OS limitations, industry-leading processing and load times, and built-in AI-powered analytics dashboards.

Content Security & Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Protection

Sherpa protects your proprietary content and prevents unauthorized access, with:

  • Custom registration forms and passcodes
  • SAML/LDAP/ADFS integrations
  • Personalized GUID watermarks
  • Domain-level and user-level permissions

AI-Powered Compliance

Leverage cutting-edge AI tools to ensure content compliance and quickly create review workflows, like speech-to-text transcription/search and optical character recognition (OCR).

Trusted by Fortune 500 and Global 1000 brands


Treks – Bundled Solution Pricing


On-demand video content management and publishing solution, with out-of-the-box support for SD, HD, 4K, and 360-degree video; unlimited microsites, playlists, and video embeds; and AI-powered video search and segmentation.



Jumpstart your live and on-demand video streaming with Sherpa's content management solution. Includes one year of platform access, up to 500 GB asset storage, and four free live events.

Starting at $2,500

Base Camp

A central platform for secure live-streaming and video content management, including 12 live events, up to 1 TB asset storage, and discounted professional services (e.g. consultation, post-production editing, support).

Starting at $1,650


A robust, secure live-streaming and video content management solution, including 36 live events, up to 10 TB asset storage, and discounted professional services (e.g. consultation, post-production editing, support).

Starting at $1,383


A fully custom solution for your virtual event strategy. Pick the best features from our other Treks, and add on advanced security features, enhanced content delivery, and private cloud, on-prem, or hybrid deployment options.

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Powerful solutions to all of your virtual events and video streaming needs. See how Sherpa helps with high-quality videos, webinars, and virtual events.

  • Intuitive & Reliable
    Our platform was built so anyone can use it with confidence. No device or operating system limitations will get in your (or your viewers') way.
  • Complete Creative Control
    Custom-brand the viewing experience to reflect your brand, on a site level or a per-asset level. Never be limited to default branding again.
  • Bi-Directional Audience Interaction
    Create a dialog between your viewers with live viewing parties, breakout rooms, and intelligent networking/matchmaking.
  • Intelligent & Actionable
    Use AI tools to search and sort your content, and create compilations. View deep insights into viewer engagement and sentiment with built-in dashboards.
  • Share Video Anywhere
    Easily embed content on external pages, generate personalized video URLs, and share out to your social channels. All your viewers need is a web browser to watch.
  • Sensitive Content, Secured
    Protect internal videos with robust security safeguards, like SAML/SSO, white/blacklisting, and custom, trackable video watermarks.
Not Your Average Video Platform

Sherpa Platform Highlights

  • Simulated Live
  • Rebroadcast
  • Scale to thousands or millions of viewers
  • Unlimited concurrent events
  • Flexible, intuitive branding controls
  • Easily embed content anywhere
  • Stream videos up to 4K resolution
  • 360-degree and VR/AR support
  • Slides
  • Live Chat
  • Polls
  • Checkpoints
  • Q&A
  • Resource links
  • Custom registration forms
  • Event engagement analytics
  • Easily embed content anywhere
  • Upload and host videos easily
  • Stream videos up to 4K resolution
  • 360-degree and VR/AR support
  • In-platform video trimmer
  • Personalized video URL generator
  • Dynamically-updated Smart Playlists
  • Custom metadata tagging
  • Per-microsite and per-video branding
  • Industry-leading processing times
  • Video viewership analytics
  • Syndicate to social channels
  • Per-event viewership analytics
  • Engagement measurement
  • Audience sentiment analysis
  • Per-video consumption data
  • Native tie-ins to common marketing tools
  • Custom integrations through platform APIs
  • User audit logs
  • Aggregate content metrics
  • AI video segment search
  • Speech-to-text transcription
  • Foreign language transcription
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • In-video image search
  • In-platform compilation creator
  • Audience sentiment analysis
  • Intelligent networking/matchmaking
  • Prescriptive content
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Dynamic Smart Playlists
  • Speaker facial recognition
  • Domain white/blacklisting
  • Single Sign-On through SAML/LDAP/ADFS
  • Invisible video watermarks
  • Trackable viewer GUIDs
  • Custom video overlays
  • Stream encryption
  • Custom registration forms
  • User roles and provisioning
  • Domain and tenant-level controls
  • Private cloud, hybrid, and on-premises options
  • ECDN tie-ins for secure content delivery
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)