Sherpa Digital Media

About the company that is innovating virtual events and streaming video.

Sherpa's Story

From its inception in 2011, Sherpa has recognized the way organizations desire to communicate with Enterprise Video and the solutions available to serve that need. For far too long, companies have been ill-equipped to address the increasing demands of modern video – stuck on poor user experiences, inadequate security, and technical barriers to wide user adoption across the enterprise. Sherpa’s mission is to bridge that gap by providing a modern Enterprise Video platform, solutions to enable high quality video creation and viewing, and an environment that secures video asset access and delivery.

Sherpa quickly gained the business of some of the world’s premier companies and developed its modern platform into the product it is today. Now, the Sherpa platform empowers companies to share immersive video experiences to employees, partners, and customers with a new level of simplicity and scale. Sherpa’s value extends beyond its technology. As a long-term trusted partner, Sherpa provides its customers with guidance, best practices, and thought leadership that’s backed by decades of combined expertise in enterprise video architecture and live streaming event production.

Sherpa is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and backed by several of the region’s premier venture investors.


Founder & CEO

Mark Strathdee

As co-founder of Sherpa Digital Media, Mark directs the business and advances Sherpa’s product offerings. Prior to Sherpa, Mark held positions at Polycom, Accordent, Franklin Templeton Investments, Apple, NGF, and consulted for ABC, CBS, and NBC.

As a trusted advisor to key brands globally in the technology, media and entertainment, and financial sectors, Mark enjoys the challenges digital media brings to Marketing and Enterprise Communications.

SVP Sales & Marketing

Andrew Andriopulos

As Sherpa’s head of sales and marketing, as well as being one of Sherpa’s first original hires, Andrew brings his deep knowledge of the video streaming and virtual events space to every aspect of the business. His industry know-how has made him a trusted consultative resource for companies with some of the most complex virtual events requirements.

Andrew has been instrumental in Sherpa’s growth, building out the sales team to the largest it has ever been, as well as bringing in more clients than in the history of the company.

SVP Product & Customer Engineering

Jonathan Orner

One of the core pioneers of Sherpa’s video platform and initial collaborator with the founders, Jonathan builds features with customers’ needs at the forefront to foster a successful product journey for everyone involved. Prior to Sherpa, Jonathan held positions in tech and design at several large financial institutions, as well as startups.

Working fluidly and closely with sales and operations, he has been instrumental in bringing disparate disciplines together in order to educate, lead, onboard, and successfully grow the company, maintaining a high level of respect and trust amongst Sherpa’s teams and customers.

SVP Strategy

Brad Jung

As the SVP of Strategy, Brad guides the strategic direction of the company, leveraging competitive intelligence and trend analysis to stay on the cutting edge of virtual events and video streaming.

Prior to joining Sherpa, Brad led strategy for a marketing agency and ran sales and marketing for a healthcare technology startup. His experience in these fields brings a unique and valuable perspective to Sherpa’s go-to-market strategy.

Board of Directors

Key Investors