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Resetting Expectations on Enterprise Content Security and Compliance

Wednesday March 27, 2019 @ 11:00 AM PST | Mark Strathdee and Stephen Blankenship - Sherpa


Wednesday March 27, 2019 @ 11:00 AM PST

If your organization uses video streaming services behind the firewall, you need to be sure you’ve got the most up-to-date and robust safeguards in place to protect your sensitive information. But, as we’ve seen in the consumer world, corporate data breaches are all too common these days.

How do you protect your proprietary content from these bad actors?

In this webcast, we will examine how people have traditionally thought about enterprise content security and compliance, and in which ways those notions need to change in order to stay ahead of the advanced tactics being used today. We will cover the different ways organizations think about securing their enterprise content, best practices for measuring and tracking compliance for that content, and what to look for in a secure, next-gen enterprise video platform.

About the Speakers


Mark Strathdee

Mark Strathdee, Sherpa’s CTO, co-founded the company with K.C. Watson in 2011. Mark began his career in broadcast television and went on to produce programming at CBS (60 Minutes) and FoxSports. He made the jump to technology, and following a stint at Apple, he joined Accordent (acquired by Polycom), where he first met and worked alongside K.C. As CTO of Sherpa, Mark directs the company’s platform development efforts.


Stephen Blankenship

Stephen Blankenship is a Silicon Valley veteran with more than 20 years of experience working in technology leadership roles. Prior to working at Sherpa, Blankenship held senior executive roles at Ramp, Kontiki, and other enterprise technology companies. At Sherpa, Stephen directs product and engineering as well being a key liaison between our sales, marketing, and customer success departments.